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Chiropractic Care for TMJ in Broomfield, CO

TMJ is the temporal mandibular joints on either side of your head connecting your jaw (mandible), to your skull, (temporal bone). TMJ can be caused by stress, or by injury to your jaw, head, neck, or spine. Causes can include sitting at your desk too long, clenching or grinding your teeth; getting hit in the head or neck; falling on or getting hit in the chin; falling on your tailbone, or whiplash.

Clicking in your jaw, or pain, when you eat, are often the main symptoms of TMJ. Other symptoms include headaches, trouble sleeping, ringing in the ears, and sinus congestion.

TMJ chiropractic adjustment is gentle. Be sure you see a chiropractor who is trained and skilled in giving a chiropractic TMJ adjustment.

If you or anyone you know suffers from bursitis, please give our office a call. We will be glad to help!


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