Dr. Dave Orlando, D.C.

Superior, Louisville, and Broomfield's Choice for Chiropractic and Acupuncture Care
M-Th 9:30am-1pm & 3pm-6pm

Our Reviews

Hanah P
Dr. Orlando and Kristina are awesome! They are both always very friendly when you go in. Dr. Orlando made it easy to understand what he could do to help me too. I would recommend Orlando Chiropractic to anyone I know!
Tamra W
Doctor Dave plays a big part in keeping me healthy. With Kristina's help they are quick and efficient.
Sara E
I have been a patient at Orlando Chiropractic for 10 years. Whenever I haven't been able to find pain relief elsewhere (physical therapy, acupuncture, etc), Dr. Orlando has always been able to provide the relief I need. I highly recommend this practice!
Dan F
Rachel H
I've been seeing Dr. Orlando for 12 years and I trust him with my spine exclusively! As a nurse who's on her feet and lifting heavy patients for 12 hour shifts, chiropractic has become a necessary part of my health. Dr. Orlando's adjustments help me bring my best to both work and play. Cannot say enough good things about chiropractic and Dr. Orlando's competence & wonderful business. I would highly recommend him!
Marisa C
Dr. Orlando is the absolutely best! I have trusted him for years. He is great with people of all ages!
Sarah H
Kind, gentle, in tune with needs. Love coming here and always feel better!
Alexandra S
I have been suffering from lower back pain and migraines. When I went to Dr Orlando, he really helped me. He is great and has great employees that make the environment a place you feel safe and warm. Dr. Orlando evaluates your pains, but also asks questions to get to know you better. He works with individuals and their pains, but also gets to know his patients so he can help them develop a healthier lifestyle.
Jessica B
Dr. Orlando is fantastic! He figured out why I have had such bad neck, sinus and back problems. If it wasn't for him I would have suffered forever! I wish I would have started going sooner!
Kira G
Dr. Orlando has helped my health get back on track after I suffered from severe fatigue and neurological deficits. Through regular adjustments, I am able to stay on track and in good health. As someone who works in the medical field (and studies medicine), I have found chiropractic adjustment to be an exceptional way to maintain good health, supplement treatment, and prevent disease. Highly recommend!
Dana A
I highly recommend Dr. Orlando. He was recommended by a coworker after I'd visited four other local chiropractors without alleviating my back pain. Within three visits, I was pain free, and I continue to visit Dr. Orlando on a regular basis to stay that way. He truly cares about his patients.
Fred H
The staff at Orlando Chiropractic are great to work with! They are professional, efficient and know what they are doing. I am in and out in 5 minutes and my back has never felt better! I highly recommend them to anyone!!
Michael O
Dr. Orlando and Kristina provide wonderful and effective care along with a nice sense of community. My chiropractic needs are many and they have all been managed perfectly and I am pain free for the first time years. Bravo!!
Doug R
"Dr. O" makes chiropractic treatments both effective and instructional. He explains why he's doing what he's doing. He even fixed my golfers elbow. I highly recommend him.
Kristina B
I only wish my parents took me to a chiropractor when I was younger!!! I was a dancer and a softball player until I went to college and the lingering pain I always felt from injuries never went away. I was also always suffering from headaches and migraines since I was little. Back in 2012 I was in a pretty decent car wreck which resulted in me pinching 3 different nerves which I didn't know about until I met and began working for Dr. Orlando. I did not come out with a bruise or scratch or anything broken which is a huge blessing because I was at 0mph and got hit at 60mph. Today I am happy to say that because of Dr. Orlando & my adjustments I no longer get headaches or migraines, which I really thought I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life, and I am finally pain free! It feels GOOD to feel good!
Ray A
Very professional, organized and answered most of my questions without having to ask. He told me what to expect and I had a very clear understanding of what needed to be done before we began. Sincere and trustworthy as well as efficient. Loved it! A refreshing experience!
Morgan N
I went into Orlando Chiropractic for the first time today, and I am beyond grateful I did. I have been dealing with severe tension headaches etc.. Dr. Orlando did x rays & thoroughly explained all the things that were causing my aches & pains The staff is not only kind but efficient with getting paper work done and beginning treatment. I felt relief immediately after the adjustment. I will be a frequent client with this office. Also, I was impressed with how clean and modern the office is! Thank you all at Orlando Chiro - Morgan
ust got another fantastic adjustment from Dr. Orlando! As a chiropractor myself, I'm extremely picky about who I let adjust me. Dr. Orlando is exceptionally specific with his technique and extremely gentle, while still getting the job done! His staff is very kind and helpful and they always make me feel super welcome. I'm so grateful to have a chiropractor that takes such great care of me! If you're on the fence about seeing a chiropractor, don't wait! You're on excellent hands with Dr. Orlando.
Lesley Y
Amazing chiropractor and human being.
Sean M
Dr. Orlando has provided excellent chiropractic care for our family! There is rarely a wait time, and he and his team are on a first name basis with their patients.
Julie H
What I like best about Dr. Orlando is the treatment plan that he sets in place is reasonable based upon the condition you present to him. I love that I don't have to make an appointment ahead of time and that he has time to see me when I have time. He is serious about chiropractic care, but an engaging person who is easy to relate to and who understands our busy lives. I highly recommend him!
Jessie C
I have been treated by DR Orlando for 6+ years for lower back problems. He has brought me from hardly being able to walk to the point that I can play 18 holes of golf twice a week and keep up my other interest. I give DR Orlando credit for keeping me in a healthy active life style and being able to avoid any additional back surgeries.. He is always concerned about the condition of my back as well as any other issue I might have. He has helped with digestive issues, allergies and just general health.
Salli H
The caring treatment provided by Dr. Orlando is absolutely amazing no matter your age. Because of the care provided by Dr. Orlando to correct old injuries left untreated far too long, my life and my husband’s life has improved immensely. No longer do we live a life of extreme pain and limited mobility partnered with taking many pills to alleviate that pain. Dr. Orlando’s treatment plan progressively relieved the pain and now with the weekly health maintenance we are able to enjoy our lives and the activities we love. Our 3 year old Grandson also has benefited from Dr Orlando’s caring treatment. Only a few treatments and his sleepless nights were behind him as well as his need for Asthma medications prescribed by his family doctor. Our grandson is always excited to go see Dr. Orlando for his bi monthly visits to “get fixed” as he calls it. I would highly recommend Dr. Orlando for your Chiropractic and Acupuncture needs. Thank you Dr. Orlando!
Jayson A
My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Orlando for about 9 years and he is awesome. Very professional and honest. You will not be disappointed.